To Do and Not to Do List for Exam Day

Exam Day

Exams create terrific fear in student minds and they miss their grades due to lack of understanding what to do on the exam day. Following tips for exams help you focus on what to do and what not to do on the exam day.

To do list for the big day

  1. Plan well for the day and keep all the necessary things ready the day before.
  2. Know your destination and learn the route to your exam hall without confusion.
  3. Eat your breakfast and make sure you had sufficient sleep in the previous night.
  4. Drink sufficient water.
  5. Arrive at the exam hall well before time and keep calm.
  6. Do not cram over the previous day and have necessary revision.
  7. Fill up the required columns in the answer sheet without tension. A good start leads to great victory.
  8. Read the question paper without hurry and make sure which questions you are going to answer.
  9. Answer the well known question first to gain confidence in attempting the exam paper.
  10. Manage your time and come out successful.

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Not to do list for exam day

  1. Do not learn many new chapters on the day of exam. You will get confused.
  2. Do not take fatty food on the day of exam as it may cause ill health.
  3. Do not pull an all-nighter before exam day as your inadequate sleep disturbs your mind.
  4. Do not indulge in last minute discussions with your friends as it increases your tension.
  5. Do not rush to the exam hall in the last minute as it increases your stress.

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