Use these Tips to Get ‘A’ in Organic Chemistry Exam

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Organic Chemistry is the study of the structure, property and reactions of carbon-containing compounds. It is the study of life as it explains the chemical reactions which are related to life.

Acing Organic Chemistry with an A is possible if students follow these practical tips

  1. Allot considerable time for learning Organic Chemistry

    Pulling all nighters or cramming before a week will not work wonders in the case of Organic Chemistry. You should allot one hour of study at home for every class hour to understand the fundamentals of Organic Chemistry.

  2. Learn from the beginning of the text

    Do not omit the early chapters in Organic Chemistry thinking that they are introductory and easy to learn. Their content may be essential for your prior understanding of the subject. For, Organic Chemistry is like a pyramid. If anything in the pyramid collapses, the whole thing is lost. So, clear cut understanding of topics is a necessary matter in your Organic Chemistry exam prep.

  3. Attempt practice questions and old question papers

    Most of your exam questions would be from the practice questions assigned by your teachers. Practice them and get a fine understanding of the question pattern and repetitive questions.

  4. Review the learnt material

    Go back on the learnt material and take a note of questions that arise in your mind regarding the chapters. Find out answers for them in your next learning session or contact an online Organic Chemistry tutor for clarification of your doubts.

  5. Make flashcards

    Make flashcards or tables of important points and revise them before the day of exam. Since they are prepared by you, you can remember them with ease.

  6. Do not learn anything new on the exam eve

    Revise your learnt material through notes, flash cards and practice questions. Do not learn anything new on the eve of exam. Have a good sleep and start for your exam with a clear mind.

Organic Chemistry Homework Help from online sites is an additional resource for understanding Organic Chemistry topics without struggle and acing the exam.

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